Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pharaoh,s Temple found in a Mosque in Luxor,Egypt.

Archaeologists in Egypt have made in recent days an unusual discovery of parts of an ancient temple dating back to the year around 1250 B.C. during the reign of the powerful Pharoah Ramses II.

Archaeological specialist while they were restoring the old historic Mosque in Luxor,Egypt they uncovered sections of columns,capitals and detailed incribed reliefs from one of the courtyards of this ancient temple.

The hidden architectural element shows well preserved hieroglyphic and rare scenes representing the powerful Pharaoh RamsesII.This discovery has made religious leaders very jittery

due to the newly exposed reliefs which shows representation of animals & human beings,which is strictly not allowed inside a Mosque.In the 13th Century A.D. this mosque was built as a shrine

to the muslim Saint Abdul Haggag on the site of an earlier Christian Church,and this Church itself was built on the top of the ancient temple,in june 2007 last year a fire damaged the part of the

structure,during the repair work that was taking place.This major discovery was made to complete the project restoration work.The workers at this site had to do a lot of cleaning and repairing

of so many things on the site,and it was during that time these unique scenes were found.